Corey is a competent, enthusiastic, dedicated, and passionate worker. His positive attitude and energy are infectious to his co-workers, his aptitude and problem solving capacity are excellent, and most importantly - his humility guarantees that he will never be done learning. He not only loves what he does but also the people around him.

John Englund – TD at Dreamworks Animation

During my time working with and getting to know Corey Drake, I have seen nothing less than great work and excellent work ethics from him. He is not only a hard worker, his quality of work is a testament to the passion he has for any job that he undertakes. He is diligent and extremely efficient with his time. Any time I had the pleasure in working directly with Corey, it was a fun, but focused experience. I would be confident in handing Corey any type of work, knowing that he will exceed my expectations.

Erick Montano – Stereoscopic Lead at StereoD